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Tasty Mates

Sweet Success: Elevating Tasty Mates with Strategic Marketing

Our first collaboration with a start-up was with Tasty Mates, a local sweet manufacturer with great values and delicious-tasting gourmet gummies. They had never used an agency before to bring their brand to market and were nervous about investing, so we decided to collaborate and share the cost on certain things like content capture as we needed a case study, and they needed to get their brand in hands!

What We Did:

  • TM had never used an agency before to bring their brand to market, so we consulted with them for a year before finalising the event.
  • We managed the staffing, logistics, sampling bin production, props and content capture.
  • We chose a team who embodied the Tasty Mates brand and represented society.
  • Created a bespoke sampling campaign to include giant branded balloons and bubbles to attract consumers’ attention.
  • We implemented the Best Mate game, where we asked members of the public to answer in-depth and entertaining questions about each other, designed to uncover things they may not know about one another.
  • We asked consumers, “When was the last time you spoke to your mate? Give them a call. They may be a ‘Mate in Need’ this was also recorded via our social media manager.
  • We ran Vox Pops (on-the-spot consumer feedback) which was recorded via our social media manager.
Tasty Mates

How We Did It:

  • We worked with creative to create the artwork and branding for the sampling bins and giant balloons.
  • Choose the location in Carnaby Street to match the footfall required and target demographic. 
  • We compiled a training document and trained our team on the products, key messages, ingredients and company ethos to uphold standards and expectations. 
  • The office team was on the ground with the client to manage the day and make sure we achieved the desired results firm the sampling activity.

The Results:

  • We distributed 5000 samples to consumers over one day via a pinch point on Carnaby Street.
  • All of these activities enabled us to talk more about Tasty Mates and its product.
  • We distributed 2000 money off coupons.
  • Our photographer and videographer captured content for a brand video and social content.
  • We won fans for Tasty Mates, who had never been exposed to the brand before.