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Samsung Space Selfie

Galactic Launch Success: Our Role in Samsung’s Space Selfie

Samsung Space Selfie was our first ever weIMPLEMENT assignment. Our team has a long history with Samsung. We were honoured to be appointed staffing partners for the world’s first Space Selfie event and bring some personality to the evening, ensuring everyone had a memorable night!

Samsung Electronics today unveiled the world’s first selfie sent to space, captured by actor, model and philanthropist Cara Delevingne and shown for the first time during a celebrity-filled event at the newly-opened Samsung KX experience space. The selfie is the first of many that Samsung will lift into the stratosphere this month as part of Space Selfie, a mission to give everyone a chance to get their face in space.

What We Did:

  • We engaged a team of Implementers from within our trusted network to represent Samsung and offer their authentic personalities to the proceedings!
  • We managed the team on site, liaising with the client on the best way to utilise everyone’s attributes among the many interactive elements of the activation.
  • We helped Samsung launch their very first Space Selfie!

How We Did It:

  • We inspired thousands to be themselves by sending skydive smiles, cheesy grins and the odd grimace into space.