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Rugby World Cup 2023

Scoring Success: Our Role in Rugby World Cup 2023’s Logistics

After years of working in logistics we were best placed to deliver a logistical staffing team and project management for the Rugby World Cup in France. We opened our first European office in Paris and appointed a French account manager and team.

What We Did:

  • We screened, interviewed, recruited 120+ regional staff in Paris, Lyon, Marseille.
  • We checked English and French language skills so that our team could converse with the operations managers, coach drivers and visiting fans.
  • We facilitated the movements of thousands of fans the moment they arrived in France until the moment they left.
  • We project managed all ground staffing elements of the logistics plan, including all allocation planning, rotas, training and training documents.
  • We assisted with many other excursions and activities outside of the Rugby World Cup.
  • The clients we supported were Defender, STH Travel New Zealand & Australia and Stein Travel.
Rugby World Cup 2023

How We Did It:

  • We relocated our project management team to Paris a week prior to the event and held in person training for all team members.
  • We attended three organised reconnaissance visits to key hotels, airports and stadiums to support optimum orientation and planning.
  • We meticulously planned all aspects of the staffing structure and provided project and staffing management; coach host teams, directional hosts, airport coordinators and meet and greet teams.
  • Our account manager and staffing teams worked 24/7 to ensure that any last minute client changes were actioned.

The Results:

  • Working alongside a French DMC we implemented 416 shifts completing over 3000+ hours in 3 French host cities.
  • We delivered on employing hyper local multilingual staff that were able to think on their feet.
  • We had a perfect delivery of all 416 shifts staffed.
  • An efficient 24-hour staffing operation facilitating early morning meet and greets at the airport and late night departures from the stadiums.