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National Careers Week

Inspiring the Next Generation of Event Professionals

Celebrating National Careers Week, the team at weIMPLEMENT believes in the importance of promoting our industry and nurturing the next generation of event professionals. That’s why we’re proud to be school ambassadors for the The Power of Events school engagement program in collaboration with Form the Future CIC.

Recently, we had the privilege of visiting Coleridge Community College, where we engaged 115 Year 9 students with a captivating Careers Carousel. During the session, we shared our enthusiasm for the events industry and showcased the diverse sectors and career opportunities it offers. It was inspiring to witness the transformation from initial skepticism to an 80% show of hands from students considering a future in our industry.

We’re eagerly looking forward to our next careers carousel, where we aim to continue inspiring the next generation of event professionals. The experience was incredibly fulfilling, and we encourage anyone interested in joining us to reach out to Let’s empower the future of the events industry together!