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How an Event Staffing Agency Can Enhance Your Brand via Human Interaction

The Power of Genuine Human Interaction: Elevating Your Brand

In a world where 88% of companies are returning to planning in-person events and team gatherings for 2023 and onwards, the importance of human interaction to enhance brand encounters cannot be overstated. It seems that today’s gig economy, spread of fake news and the Covid-19 pandemic have left us hungrily craving some authentic human connection!

As the digital space continues to evolve, brands that foster these much-needed emotional bonds possess a unique advantage – with event staffing agencies being key facilitators of these connections. It seems that beyond the allure of dazzling displays, it’s the personal interaction with staff that seems to leave an indelible mark on the customer’s experience. Reinforcing this, Bizzabo’s recent Events Industry and Survey Report reveals that 80.4% of businesses identify in-person events as their most impactful marketing channel, with this insight being a great indicator of how the ‘human’ aspect can leave a lasting impression, and make a significant difference to your overall brand awareness.

And with the expectations placed on today’s brand ambassadors higher than ever, it’s imperative that your staff function as efficient, captivating storytellers, who’re steeped in your brand’s identity. Such adaptable candidates are inarguably the architects of unforgettable corporate experiences, hence our relentless focus on finding and nurturing the best-of-the-best when it comes to talent.

When you entrust a staffing agency to breathe life into a brand’s presence, you place complete faith in their abilities. We get this. So whether we’re conducting recruitment for a one-time event or embarking on a long-term retail endeavour, our guiding principle is always – ‘humans first’. By nurturing a profound real-life connection with our staff (or Implementers as we call them), we’re able to discern where their strongest skills lie, and therefore assign roles in line with their unique attributes and passions. This dynamic approach invariably results in a highly engaged team that can convey brand narratives as if they were their own. In agreement with this, customer service giants Ventrica offer the following insight:

‘Being human is vital in the workplace, as it allows employers to create a positive and productive work environment for a successful and sustainable business. By fostering a culture of empathy and building strong relationships, employers can improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.’

If you still need convincing of the value of real life interaction, it’s worth noting that our ‘human-first’ approach has propelled us into partnerships with renowned brands such as Harry Styles’ Pleasing, and tech titans Samsung. Moreover, it’s solidified our brand as the go-to event staffing agency [in] London for some of the nation’s most prominent functions, from COP26 to The G7 Summit!

weIMPLEMENT eagerly anticipates the continued evolution of our industry, fuelled by our faith in human connection. If our perspective resonates with you, we’re eager to start a meaningful conversation, so don’t hesitate to reach out. After all, our mission revolves around forging authentic human bonds…