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Exploring Key Recent Marketing Campaigns: Revving Up F1 Vegas Glory

Start Your Engines

The racing world’s maxim – “If you ain’t first, you’re last” – may have NASCAR roots, yet it seems to resonate deeply with the sponsors at the upcoming Grand Prix.

Come November 16th — 18th, the F1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix is poised for its grand debut. It’s plain to see that the brands taking the early initiative are reaping the rewards; Heineken, having secured the title sponsorship, are hosting exciting DJ sets in their Heineken House popup, alongside pulsating performances on the Heineken Stage. Their branding is set to feature prominently throughout the event, in a bid to raise awareness of their new easier-to-drink, lower ABV lager — ‘Heineken Zero’.

Similarly, T-Mobile’s sponsorship will see them hosting the official mobile app, supplying their sophisticated 5G network across the event, and providing entertainment via the T-Mobile Zone and Stage. The company’s president of marketing, Mike Katz, acknowledges the Herculean effort of keeping everyone connected, stating: “As a wireless company, our priority is to keep customers, Las Vegas Grand Prix staff and attendees connected with our 5G network — which is no easy feat at an event with hundreds of thousands of fans.”

In addition, MoneyGram entered the foray following the initial event announcement, in partnership with Haas Racing. This move strategically positions the only US-owned F1 team and its sponsor to broaden their state side recognition.

It was the race’s anticipated economic boon of $1.2 — $1.3 billion, which proved to be a pivotal selling point to the city by F1 and its US owners, Liberty Media. Early sponsorships played a critical role in securing the event, as Emily Prazer, the commercial chief of the Grand Prix, underlines: “When we first put the business plans together for Vegas, my whole point was the more sponsors you can bring in with experiential elements that add value, the better time your fans are going to have.”

Revving Up for the Festivities

An illustrious opening ceremony and innovative drone spectacle have set the stage for an event graced by an array of prominent industry figures. The event’s high-profile-nature has only amplified sponsor involvement. For Heineken, this means a full-scale branding assault, with their non-alcoholic Heineken 0.0 front and centre, and their Red Bull Racing alliance facilitating privileged access to the likes of Verstappen and Pêrez. The company’s media and partnerships vice president, Frank Amorese revealed his clear vision for the brand: “We don’t want to be the beer of F1 in the US, we want to be the brand of F1 in the US. When Americans think about F1, we want them to think about Heineken.”

The Home Field

With the infrastructure set, the event now stands on a solid, multiyear foundation. T-Mobile’s Katz highlights the significance of the company’s technological advancements: “The network infrastructure we’ve built has laid the foundation to help the Las Vegas Grand Prix operations team more effectively run the event and give all fans an unprecedented experience.”

What’s more, MoneyGram, who’re rounding out their inaugural year with Haas Racing, foresee the Las Vegas Grand Prix as a golden opportunity for brand expansion. The company’s innovative approach includes a “Drive Your Dreams To Vegas” campaign, intertwining brand interaction with the excitement of F1. CMO, Greg Hall, weighs the investment’s worth: “We really love the addition — not having another US race, but doing it where you can reach another audience.”

Learn From the Best

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