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Elevating Inclusivity in Event Planning: 7 Essential Tips

7 Tips to Elevate Event Inclusion for Everyone

In the world of event planning, the buzzword isn’t ‘innovation’ or ‘engagement’ anymore – it’s ‘inclusivity’. With 47% of people who attend events wanting to see more diversity, there’s been an exciting shift towards creating spaces where everyone – regardless of background or ability – feels welcomed and valued. It’s a challenging yet positive journey towards altering perspectives. From small gatherings to grand conventions, our mantra has always been about crafting experiences that resonate deeply with each attendee.

Creating Events for Everyone

Our inclusive ethos comes from a strong belief in the importance of equality. When it comes to our events, think sign language interpreters, or menus catering to every dietary need you can think of. That’s what we aim for: an atmosphere where each guest feels like the event has been crafted with them in mind. Read on to discover how to transform ordinary functions into celebrations of diversity that welcome everyone in with open arms.

Inclusivity in Event Planning

We view inclusivity as a multifaceted beast, each facet representing different needs, from physical accessibility to cultural sensitivity. We’re all about establishing how we can make this event feel like it was crafted specifically for you. For instance, during a recent tech conference for a large multinational client, we encountered a challenge that put our commitment to the test: making sure attendees with hearing impairments were equally engaged. By incorporating live transcription alongside sign language interpreters, we not only enhanced their experience, but strongly bolstered the event’s inclusive feel.

We’ve learned that inclusivity hinges not only on eliminating barriers, but on creating an environment where differences are celebrated rather than just accommodated. These clear steps towards embracing inclusivity underline its impact – not just within the context of an event but spanning across industries by setting new benchmarks for accessibility, representation, and engagement.

Tailoring Venues to Everyone’s Needs

We’ve always believed that the heart of an inclusive event lies with its venue. Prioritise a space that welcomes everyone, regardless of their mobility, sensory needs, or any other requirements. If the venue cannot accommodate everybody’s needs, seek to resolve the issue. For example, let’s say you’ve been tasked with organising a large gaming expo, but you’ve discovered your venue lacks sufficient wheelchair access. You should coordinate with site managers to integrate temporary ramps, meeting problems with solutions.

But accessibility doesn’t stop at doorways and ramps. We’ve learned through experience the importance of considering every aspect of attendee interaction. At a recent gala dinner for an UK-based charity, feedback highlighted a need for quiet zones where guests who might be overwhelmed by crowded spaces or loud noises could relax. With this in mind, we transformed smaller adjacent rooms into calm spaces complete with soft lighting and noise-canceling headphones – a small adjustment by us for a big impact on attendee comfort.

Training for Sensitivity and Awareness

We genuinely believe that the core of an inclusive event lies not just in the thoughtful planning or accessibility of venues, but with the people who bring it to life – our Implementers. We’ve incorporated empathy, understanding, and awareness into our training programs, making sure each member is fully equipped to meet an array of needs with sensitivity.

Our training curriculum also includes modules on recognising non-verbal cues for discomfort or needs among guests (because asking directly isn’t always comfortable for everyone), and accommodating invisible disabilities with as much ease as visible ones. We regularly host workshops led by experts from various communities and backgrounds to share their insights and experiences, ensuring Our Team are always ready to accommodate. After all, our Implementers are more than just staff; they’re ambassadors of inclusivity, equipped not just with exceptional skills but a genuine desire to make every event feel like home for anyone who walks through its doors.

Utilising Technology

We’ve seen firsthand how integrating modern technologies can turn a standard event into an exemplary case of accessibility and inclusion. For instance, incorporating apps that offer real-time language translation has been a game-changer for our international attendees. What’s more, the use of hearing aids and assistive listening devices has revolutionised the way we host events for those with auditory impairments too.

We’ve also leveraged technology to make our events physically accessible to everyone. For example, VR tours have allowed guests with mobility issues to participate fully in events held across large venues or multiple locations. This innovative approach not only accommodates those who would otherwise miss out but also backs up our commitment to creating inclusive environments where every attendee feels valued and included. Interestingly, Eventbrite revealed that 88% of B2B event organisers plan to incorporate VR into their events going forward, highlighting a universal shift towards ensuring no one misses out on unique experiences due to accessibility challenges.

Diverse Catering Options

In the grand scheme of event planning, catering isn’t just about feeding attendees; it can be an expression of inclusivity and consideration. Remember, when attendees recall an event, often their experiences with food are among the most vivid memories. Recognising this, we’ve always prioritised catering options that represent a wide spectrum of dietary needs and preferences. It’s all about ensuring everyone can enjoy a meal without barriers.

In addition to avoiding allergens or respecting religious practices; great catering means creating moments of joy and surprise. For example, during a particularly ambitious project involving themed venues across London, our team implemented global street food stations – each providing authentic tastes from different corners of the world. This not only turned meals into exploratory adventures but also sparked conversations among guests over shared dining experiences.

Diverse catering choices elevate the event atmosphere from good to unforgettable. In embracing varied menus, we’re accommodating dietary needs and actively participating in a celebration of wide-ranging cultures. Moreover, these efforts underscore our commitment to inclusion – proving that with careful planning and creative thinking, every guest can enjoy tasty cuisine tailored just for them.

Communicating Accessibly

Effective communication is key when it comes to inclusivity, and so is ensuring every attendee feels informed the moment they learn about an event. We’ve learned that accessible communication needs to cater to diverse needs, including various languages, sensory requirements, and digital accessibilities. During events themselves, weIMPLEMENT takes pride in providing live translation services for speeches and presentations, providing hearing loops for those who use hearing aids, and making sure signage is clear, large print, and placed at various heights to be easily readable by everyone. Post-event communication is equally critical. Survey feedback forms sent out after events are made accessible online with options for voice responses or using easy-read formats so attendees can share their experiences hassle-free.

By adopting such detailed approaches towards inclusive communication before, during, and after events, we not only sets new standards but also demonstrate how prioritising accessibility increases audience engagement while curating an environment where everyone genuinely feels valued and included.

An Atmosphere of Inclusion

The magic of any event often lies in its ability to bring people together, creating moments of joy that last long after the goodbyes have been said. We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to build this sense of community is through carefully selected entertainment and activities that not only delight, but inclusively engage all attendees. It’s about moving past just having fun, crafting experiences where everyone feels seen, valued, and connected.

By sewing inclusivity into the fabric of event planning – from interactive workshops designed with accessibility in mind to hiring entertainers who reflect the diversity of society – we create spaces where individuals from varied walks of life can collectively share in the excitement that events are meant to offer.

Reflecting on Progress

We’ve shared a whole host of strategies, stories, and sincere moments that highlight our drive towards making every event not just an occasion but a valuable experience for everyone involved. Whether it’s tailoring venues to meet a diverse array of needs, or leveraging cutting-edge technology to break down barriers, weIMPLEMENT has tirelessly worked to ensure inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword, but the core of our event planning ethos.

As proud as we are about what we’ve achieved, it’s clear the path to perfect inclusivity is long and winding. But isn’t that the beauty of it? Each event is a fresh opportunity to learn, adapt, and improve. We’re excited to think about how far we’ve come and even more so about where we’re headed. With passion in our hearts and feedback from our amazing clients and attendees, weIMPLEMENT is all geared up for whatever comes next.