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Discovery and Re-Discovery Sessions in Paris

Staff Your Paris 2024 Events with Bilingual Experts!

Our Team in our Paris Office is preparing for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, exploring venues, conducting Discovery and Re-Discovery sessions, and prepping Our existing Team.

We connected with local, bilingual Team members during our face-to-face Discovery Sessions. We believe in meeting Our Team and learning about the distinct qualities that make each person unique, allowing us to assign them to roles we know they will shine in.

The result is that we now have even more Team Members available to support you with your events in Paris this summer!

We also reconnected with our existing Implementers during our Re-Discovery sessions. These sessions are vital for uncovering any new skills or passions they may have, gathering invaluable feedback on their experience with working with us so far and getting them ready for upcoming assignments.

These sessions are important to us because Our Teams are more than just entries in our database; they are the personalities that bring our client’s brands and events to life. Their stories are important to us, and we recognise that the diversity within Our Team is fundamental to our success.

We know the incredible contributions they will make to any event in Paris this summer so if you are looking for a Team to Support Your Team:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Meet and Greet Hosts Airports/ Hotels
  • Directional Hosts
  • VIP Hosts
  • Registration Hosts
  • Logistics Support
  • Team Leaders

Say! Let’s create some unforgettable experiences together.