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Shaping the Future: Our Role in COP26’s Eco-Friendly Success

Fresh from our successes at The G7, we were best placed to deliver a logistical staffing team and project management for the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

What We Did:

  • We screened, interviewed, recruited and accredited fifty-three hyper local staff in response to the Government’s charter to reduce the environmental impact of the conference.
  • We facilitated the movements of 127 World Leaders and their delegations from the moment they arrived in the UK until the moment they left.
  • We project managed all ground staffing elements of the logistics plan, including all allocation planning, rotas, training and training documents.
  • We managed accreditation for all COP26 drivers and the wider logistics team, collating information for background checks and implementing distribution.
  • We were proud to assist the FCDO with meet and greet and logistical management at the exclusive Kelvingrove world leaders reception hosted by the Royal Family.

How We Did It:

  • We redeployed our G7 students with further opportunities to grow their experience by joining us at COP26, creating a legacy for the next generation of event professionals.
  • We relocated our project management team to Glasgow three weeks prior to the event.
  • We attended two government-organised reconnaissance to support optimum orientation and planning.
  • We meticulously planned all aspects of the staffing structure and provided project and logistical management; IT support, Front of House and hosts teams, load zone teams, airport coordinators and meet and greet teams.
  • Our charging teams worked 24/7 to ensure that our 260 Jaguar electric vehicles were ready to transport the delegations to and from the COP26 Conference.

The Results:

  • We delivered on reducing our impact on the planet by recruiting hyper-locally within a small radius of each venue.
  • An efficient 24-hour staffing operation facilitating world leaders’ movements and their delegations throughout the COP26 Climate Change Summit.
  • A special commendation from the FCDO Head of Transport for our team’s integral contribution to COP26.