Pleasing & Harry Styles

Celebrating Individuality: Our Role in Pleasing & Harry Styles’ Events

We’re proud to continue our relationship with Pleasing (Harry Styles’ lifestyle brand) over the past 2 years in the UK and Europe. The brand’s ethos sits very well with our own: it’s not about adhering to beauty norms, but rather celebrating unique identities. Our authentic personalities resonate with the brand and its target demographic.

Events We Managed:

  • Pleasing X Selfridges Corner Shop Pop Up.
  • Launch and Pop-Ups of Pleasing’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th micro collections ‘Shroom Bloom’, ‘Hot Holiday’ and ‘Super Magic Family Time’.
  • Harrys House simultaneous album launch and subsequent merchandise pop-up in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.
  • Project management for ‘Hot Holiday’.
Pleasing & Harry Styles

What We Did:

  • We sourced, interviewed and recruited staff and team leaders in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.
  • We trained our team on the beauty products and apparel, the company’s ethos and the point of Sale system.
  • Managed expectations and controlled the queues of fans who were waiting for up to six hours.
  • Captured photo opportunities for the fans so that they could share them on social media.
  • Introduced and educated the consumers on the beauty products, apparel and merchandise.
Pleasing & Harry Styles

How We Did It:

  • We organised mandatory training for team members and management in each location.
  • We contracted, booked and managed the teams and translated all documentation into French, Dutch and German for Harry’s House.
  • We visited the teams in London, Paris and Amsterdam to solidify relationships with our newest team/staff members.
  • We offered a 360 degree solution for ‘Pleasing Hot Holiday’ managing stock, all production aspects, sourcing and purchasing design elements, photography, security, venue liaison, floristry, logistics and accommodation management.
  • We auditioned and coordinated performers for  surprise and delight performances in Selfridges Corner shop and had 10 Super Brand Ambassadors to launch the new perfume offering from Pleasing. 

The Results:

  • Our client from Los Angeles gave feedback that our team/staff were the best they had ever worked with in the USA and Europe. This proves our unique selling proposition always achieves the best results when you know your team and assign them to roles where they naturally shine.
  • Seven highly successful profitable Pop Ups with exceptional brand amplification through social media.
  • We have been appointed as a European Activation Partner to handle all project management and staffing for both Harry Styles and the ‘Pleasing’ brand in 2022/23.
  • We are proud to have gained Harry Styles and his Pleasing brand as clients this year. The brand’s ethos sits very well with our own. It’s not about adhering to the usual/normal beauty standard, but rather celebrating unique identities. 
  • Our authentic personalities resonate with the brand and its target demographic.