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Brexit’s Impact on UK Event Staffing

The Impact of Brexit on UK Event Staffing: Challenges and Opportunities

Brexit: a word that has stirred as much uncertainty as it has opportunity within the UK event scene. At weIMPLEMENT, navigating the post-Brexit world has forced us to be highly adaptable and innovative, and has actually led to unexpected – yet welcome – growth! Ever-changing regulations and workforce availability have reshaped how we operate, but not our mission: to provide top staffing solutions for the UK’s most prestigious events.

Navigating New Regulations

Brexit ushered in a new era of red tape, indefinitely altering the world of event staffing. With the prevention of free movement between the UK and the EU, the most obvious challenge we face is a restricted labour market. Previously, we had the luxury of tapping into an amazingly diverse pool of talent from across Europe – our primary means for recruiting our wonderfully multicultural team members, whom’s varied language skills are invaluable at events like the 2023 Rugby World Cup in Paris or the G7 Summit.

Adjusting to these changes required a deep understanding of the new immigration policies, especially! We set out on a mission to fully understand these regulations, not only for ourselves but for our clients, ensuring all of our jobs went off without a hitch despite the political changes going on around us. Despite a few hurdles, we’ve continued to grow, year-on-year, showcasing the impressive resilience and versatility at the heart of our agency.

The Workforce Availability Issue

Unfortunately, Brexit’s impact on workforce availability was immediate. According to the Office for National Statistics, just 43,000 EU citizens received visas for work, family or study in 2021, a slither of the 230,000 – 430,000 EU citizens coming to the UK every year up until March 2020. In response, we doubled down on local talent, launching initiatives aimed at upskilling our UK team to meet the high standards our events demand. This pivot not only helped us mitigate the reduced availability of our EU team, but also bolstered the local economy and provided useful skills to our UK Implementers, aligning with our commitment to sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

Embracing Opportunity Amidst Change

With great challenge comes great opportunity. Post-Brexit, we were encouraged to redefine what it means to be a UK event staffing agency. We expanded our recruitment strategies, embracing all manner of digital platforms and socials to connect with a broader audience of potential Implementers. Our investment in training programs has really paid off, as we’ve now created a highly talented workforce capable of delivering unmatched service, whether it’s for a landmark event like the Samsung Space Selfie launch or the annual Dell Technologies Forum in London.

This focus on local talent has not only reduced the impact of Brexit on our agency but has also allowed us to offer more personalised, culturally nuanced services. This local approach has resonated with our clients, including long-standing partners like Jamie Oliver – who really appreciate the unique touch our staff bring to every event.

The Road Ahead

The event staffing industry in the UK has been forever altered by Brexit. However, we see this as a canvas for innovation rather than a barrier to success! Our journey through the challenges and opportunities presented has taught us the value of resilience, the power of local talent, and the importance of adaptability. As a result, we’re more dedicated than ever when it comes to sourcing and training the best talent to meet the needs of our clients. From adapting to new regulations, to tapping into unexplored talent pools and using technology to enhance what we do, we’re on the frontline of the staffing revolution.

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