Success Stories, weIMPLEMENTED

Bicester Village & Marylebone Concierge

Creating Unforgettable Moments at Bicester Village with weIMPLEMENT

We proudly support Bicester Village as staffing partner. Together we deliver the Moments of Kindness, Snow Moments initiative and Marylebone Concierge.

weIMPLEMENT has an extensive network of actors and entertainers, so when we were tasked with finding the perfect Bell Hop personalities to bring Bicester’s guest experience to life, we knew just the right people! Our staff epitomise the spirit of service and create memorable experiences for all guests by gifting, promoting discounts, entertaining, and offering information with energy and engagement.

What We Do:

  • Recruit, shortlist, and engage from within our trusted network for specialised roles.
  • Contract, book, and manage teams at Bicester Village and Marylebone Station 364 days a year..
  • Book all team travel, manage communication, and issue comprehensive briefs prior to shift commencement.

How We Do It:

  • We have a dedicated account management and staffing team.
  • We screen, interview, onboard, train, and coach new team members to add to the pool of approved staff.
  • We offer continuous bespoke and mandatory training to establish and uphold standards and expectations of our clients and their guests.

The Results:

  • We have been working with Bicester Village since 2021.
  • We experience low attrition rates with our pool of Actors and Brand Ambassadors.
  • Positive Moments of Kindness, stories, and images to share through theatrical guest interaction.
  • Elevated guest experience and journey.
  • Heightened customer service.